Transformations -
testimonials from my clients

It’s so rewarding to guide people on their style journeys and to hear how working with me has helped them to live and dress authentically. Here are the words of some of my lovely clients.

Gillian Brewin, Derby

A belated thank you. I really enjoyed my colours session, I’d been looking forward to it so much I feared an anti-climax, but it was brilliant.
I’ve looked through my wardrobe and started viewing potential purchases with new eyes!
I’ll keep an eye out for events and think about treating myself to other consultations in the future.
Many thanks

Lynne Ghailan, Caroline Theaker, Jill Mathews – Leeds

Highly recommended, Jacqui is professional, friendly and knows her stuff – 10/10!
Clothes and fashion are not one of my priorities but I knew I needed help and advice to improve my image and overall look. Just with a few little tweaks I no longer feel dumpy but feel as though I have gained my womanly figure back.
I had an enjoyable and positive day with Jacqui looking at my colours, style and make-up. for me – a new beginning from today! I would fully recommend the experience to anyone!

Dee Farrell

I’m pretty sure most women felt as I did when I went for my first session with Jacqui. Going through in my mind just how far off the mark I probably was, how challenged I was feeling, and was more than a little overwhelmed at the prospect of just how much I was going to have to change to get back on track. Plus I felt sure that I was going to have to spend a small fortune to fix things.
How delighted was I that Jacqui focused me in on the positives and the good things I had going for me, and we worked on these building upon what I had to work with.
If you asked me which part of the session was the best bit I couldn’t pick between the colours, the styling and the make up.
What she taught me is that you have to work with what you’ve got and feel good about it. That being more specific in your buying habits and keeping to a few rules reaps lots of benefits in the longer term. Having gone through my wardrobe with ruthless determination I’m shocked by how many of my clothes just weren’t doing me any favours; and how much money I’ve wasted on stuff that just wasn’t right for me. I’m now looking forward to buying less, but wearing more.
It’s few weeks on now and I’ve made a few tweaks and I’ve been rewarded with more positive comments and compliments than I’ve had over the past decade.
At the end I looked like me, only much better!

Fiona Bell

It was an excellent day, lovely people and great content.

Louise Atkinson – Accountant

Brilliant, life-changing! Would recommend to everyone. A perfect delivery style accommodating the mix of ladies on the day.

Cheryl Donohue – Environmental Scientist

A wonderful day! I feel confident I can go home, re-evaluate my wardrobe and develop a capsule wardrobe. Perhaps purchase a few key pieces in my new signature colour and ‘voila’ a wearable stylish wardrobe.

Angela Pountney – Beauty Therapist

It was a fabulous day with lots to learn and put into practice. Great content, covered everything. It was good to be able to go straight on to the shop floor to see lots of concessions.

Helen Quinn

Jacqui is warm, friendly and approachable, every girl needs a course like this! She certainly knows her stuff. It was excellent, informative and inspirational! 10/10


An amazing birthday treat from my daughter. From bland to glam in an hour with Jacqui on her make-up masterclass showing me what to do and then me copying. I felt very special and now have the confidence to use make up every day


I have really valued what I learned on my colour consultation. I’ve been buying lots of navy and forest green basics and much more red. Also have a burgeoning collection of scarves in rich, warm colours.
The only problem is I can’t stop looking at other people and trying to second guess their colours. My only regret is that I didn’t do it when I was 18!