Transformations -
testimonials from my clients

It’s so rewarding to guide people on their style journeys and to hear how working with me has helped them to live and dress authentically. Here are the words of some of my lovely clients.

Julie Procter, Arts Psychotherapist, Harrogate

Wow, what an experience Jacqui Cooper has totally changed the way I look at shopping, dressing, make-up and me. She was professional throughout the whole process. Looking at styles and shapes of clothes which suited my body shape and my lifestyle. The ‘Colour me beautiful’ fabric swatch wallet, now helps me when I go shopping and stops me making costly mistakes. I used to buy clothes because I liked them, not if they suited me. Now people say that I look nice, not what a nice top I have on. My confidence has boosted and I feel happy in myself.

Thanks Jacqui xxx

S Sykes, Leeds

Its not often in the money grabbing world of personal improvement you meet genuine people. Jacqui Cooper I’m pleased to report is one of those ladies. Lovely experience, constructive without being pushy. Went through my colours with ease, learnt some things about myself, bought a few pashimas in my colour range to add to my wardrobe I have at the moment , it’s made shopping that much easier as the book comes every where with me. Great time thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks so much xx

Lynne Butterfield x

Jacqui, I just want to say a big thank you for yesterday. You’ve opened up a new world of colour for me, loved my make-up too. You gave me so much help. Best wishes for the future with your business you so deserve it.

Alison Ward, Barnsley

Jacqui clearly shows that she is passionate about making us feel good about ourselves and confident in our appearance. I found Jacqui’s help and the information she passed to me extremely useful to give me confidence to move forward in my new career!
Thank you! 10/10

Rebecca, Teacher, Halifax

My husband loves my new look; both the make-up you did on Tuesday and the styling on Wednesday. He thought I’d bought the jacket from you as well as the scarf (just shows the difference the right colours can make!) I have a really small collection of clothes now, but have managed to put a few outfits together with items I already have. This evening I’ll use the colour wallet and workbook to get an idea of what I need to complete a couple of other outfits- can’t wait to go shopping this weekend! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me: the make-up, colours, and styling. My only regret is that I hadn’t heard of you a long time ago- in two sessions you have given me the self-confidence I have been lacking for years.

Caroline, York

Email sent to House of Fraser Director, London: I wanted to take the time to email you now that I have been converted to shopping at House of Fraser. Up until now I have always taken the time to travel to John Lewis as my shopping destination of choice. Then, I met Jacqui Cooper and as part of her image consultancy work with me, she took to me House of Fraser in Huddersfield for a personal shopping experience. Long ago I had visited House of Fraser and had dismissed it as a place to shop but now I have worked with Jacqui, I can see what a mistake I had made. My eyes have been opened not only how to dress well but also how House of Fraser will now be one of my favourite places to find the clothes and accessories I need. Jacqui introduced me to your excellent bra fitting service and now I will not bother with M&S anymore- I had not realised the difference in skill and quality!
A big thank you to Jacqui Cooper for helping me to look great and introducing me to a great new place to shop!

Jane Spilsbury, Manchester

Thanks so much Jacqui. It was much more beneficial than I thought it would be, It’s not superficial or about vanity – it’s about you and your life. It’s much deeper. I am much more positive and confident at work. I didn’t think the experience would be so powerful.

Mandy Cameron, Huddersfield

Jacqui is very intuitive. She had me pegged to a tee, she was spot on which surprised me as no-one has ever said those things to me. She took time to understand my life and how I wanted to be and didn’t try to get me into inappropriate stuff, or impose her ideas on me.
The Full Image consultation was much more comprehensive and covered things that had never crossed my mind such as advice on eyebrow shaping. Initially I went for advice on my shape and Jacqui mentioned colours – but it had never occurred to me that these would change over time. I don’t think I was expecting as much help as I got.
It made me think about make-up. I have now revamped it and get lots of compliments on how well I look. She even told me when the sale was on so I didn’t have to pay full price for some great jeans she recommended!
Jacqui isn’t about making you into something you’re not. She takes what you have and makes it the best it can be. She’s very frank, but supportive. You will come away feeling more positive with a sense of well being, and have a direction to follow.

Karen Tierney, Pontefract

The claim that you will look and feel younger is actually true! No marketing trick.

Jane B, Huddersfield

I feel happier at home with my family. I don’t constantly ask “do I look fat?”, “do I look alright?” anymore and it’s made everything else better too. I am able to make decisions about my appearance now which makes me happier. I am able to pass on my thoughts about other people’s appearance like my mum, who now ask for my advice. I think my improved confidence has really helped with my daughter too as I am a much better role model for her now.
It’s worth every penny!