Transformations -
testimonials from my clients

It’s so rewarding to guide people on their style journeys and to hear how working with me has helped them to live and dress authentically. Here are the words of some of my lovely clients.

Rebecca Jones

It’s the best experience I’ve had for a long while. Well worth the money, have learned a great deal. Have come away feeling empowered and beautiful. 10/10

Jayne Hinchcliffe

You took the time to speak to everyone individually and collectively, thank you. 9/10

Karen Barrett

Excellent course. I feel inspired to go and clear my wardrobe and make some changes; hair colour and lipstick to start! 10/10

Coach House Workshop Participant

My confidence lifted just having some direction on knowing what colours match my skin tone and hair. I now know what clothing suits my body shape. I can’t wait to get shopping after today, I feel it will be much less stress and more retail therapy! Thanks so much Jacqui 🙂


Jacqui is very experienced in the work she does and delivery of this and gave good information and knowledge to develop my goals in looking and feeling good and understanding what clothes to buy and where to buy them. Thank you so much xx 10/10

Helen Broadbent

Fun day – highly recommended!

Kathy Bradley

Helpful and valuable advice on evaluating my style and body shape for a new me. 9/10

Kath Dowling

Had such a fun informative day! 10/10

Kathy Bower

Jacqui is a very friendly and professional person who makes you feel good, she is honest and helpful and very approachable giving excellent advice for each of us individually.

Victoria Quarter Delegate

Clear, concise and friendly. 9/10