Transformations -
testimonials from my clients

It’s so rewarding to guide people on their style journeys and to hear how working with me has helped them to live and dress authentically. Here are the words of some of my lovely clients.

Bridie – blogger Leeds

You are fabulous at what you do Jacqui. The knowledge you are happy to share really helps others. You understand what matters to the individual and that everyone is unique. Everything that was delivered was thorough, to the point, well thought through and objective.
The experience that I had had a huge impact on how I felt about myself and the choices I make. It’s given me a brighter view and changed my attitude. I learnt so much and can’t recommend the Style Masterclass enough!

Sue Bennett

The content of today’s session was amazing. Loads of information, which was easy to understand and lots to take away. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jacqui and I came away feeling positive, confident and excited about re-organizing my wardrobe. A wonderful experience, you have to try it!

Jolene, G.P, Kent

The make-up lesson was really informative. I was able to ask questions without feeling silly. The studio is very peaceful, a lovely room. Jacqui is friendly – not pushy. I’ve had a fantastic, positive experience

Tana Briggs

The make-up lesson answered a lot of my questions. I found the room very relaxing and Jacqui put me at ease. I had a relaxing and informative lesson, a very positive experience.