Rebecca’s style journey

Before meeting Jacqui

I reached the age of 51 and felt that I had lost my way with my style. I sort of had an idea of what I thought suited me (style and colours, including hair and makeup), however there came a time when I had to update my wardrobe and not dress as I did in my 30s – I had lost some of my confidence in this area and needed a boost. I felt ‘grey’ - this most definitely did not match my personality.

My sister had a Colour Me Beautiful colour chart experience many years ago, she always looks fabulous, so I thought I would give it a go but include styling as well (I wanted the whole package). After googling the Colour Me Beautiful website, I researched the consultants and your website was by far the best, but not only that, you seemed to be on my wavelength, I loved the way you looked – I knew you would just ’get me’.


I wanted to have my own style, to suit me and not be dictated by seasonal high street ‘fashion’. I have a busy lifestyle so I wanted to have a simple, chic but elegant look, French styling, good quality and comfort. A style that I could dress up and down (and mix with my wonderful collection of amazing shoes). One that definitely wasn’t mumsy - style with a quirky edge! (To match my personality…) I wanted my clothes to reflect who I am and that I could mix and match with each other – to be able to open my wardrobe and find clothes that I enjoyed and worked for me.

You firstly asked about my response on my initial feedback form; a questionnaire that I sent back to you before my consultation – allowing you to get to know me more. I completed the quiz from the Colour Me Beautiful book (where I found I wasn’t a ‘classic’ (as I thought)! We worked through style boards to determine what style group I was. You looked through most of my clothes to give advice and guidance of what suited me and what didn’t. We determined that I was a ‘warm’ colour group, you advised me on haircut and colour and showed me how to do age appropriate makeup – I allowed you to throw out some makeup as the colours didn’t suit me!!

The way in which you worked was broken down into sections that were easy to work through, throughout the day we recapped on my new-found knowledge – a great tool.

I came away from your consultation which so much confidence, with all the
knowledge and advice to move forward, I did that with great enthusiasm, booking a hair appointment in the next day or so to refresh my natural copper (but dull and aging) hair colour. I had a complete makeover with my hair too, friends state the new look took years off me – I went from having long hair to a choppy bob. Knowing that I now understand my body shape – I can buy clothes that suit me.


Knowing that I now understand my body shape – I can buy clothes that suit me.

I went through my wardrobe with vigour – removing anything that was not the correct style or colour - friends, family and charity shops were extremely grateful.

I cannot express the new-found confidence that I have – I feel beautiful, knowing I have the skills and knowledge to be brave with my choices in style and colours.

I’ve completely sorted my wardrobe out, although it is nearly empty, I have bought great key pieces (a pure wool jacket and a cashmere wrap) to enhance what I have got. I go on shopping trips armed with my colour palette booklet. Everything I have, I wear – simply wonderful.

My hair looks fantastic and suits me, I now have greater confidence when applying makeup. I don’t wear much at work (as I work in a uniformed profession), but I wear it on my days off - something I rarely did before - this also gives me more confidence as I feel complete.

My Style journey continued months after seeing Jacqui, I continued to change my wardrobe, bought the right style and colour of clothes and I felt fabulous, the best I possibly could. I felt an array of colour, full of bounce and had a great love of life. However, seven months after my makeover, I was admitted to hospital with viral meningitis. I was discharged some two weeks later feeling very poorly, suffering further with post viral fatigue and the symptoms of that were ever present.

I had lost; I felt grey once more, my bounce had deflated, I cried for the person I once was, I missed her. Physical and mental fatigue were hard to deal with, I had constant headaches for five months after being discharged from hospital, which in itself were totally debilitating. I returned to my job at the four and a half month stage after discharge from hospital, I was on light duties and have had to relearn my job, my workplace and senior management have been amazing and very supportive.

After the experience

I contacted the Meningitis Now charity in September when I was having a particularly bad day, they were wonderful, reassuring me that I should recover fully, but it would take time. They organised and paid for 10 sessions of Cranial Osteotherapy (which I started in October) this treatment was the turning point in my journey. The osteopath that I saw deals with mostly people who have had meningitis, strokes, head trauma and babies who have had traumatic births. I can only describe this treatment as extraordinary and inexplicable; through my journey with this treatment and my positive attitude I decided that to aid my body in recovery I needed to lose weight, I was thirteen stone and wanted to get to ten and a half! (I joined Slimming World). I’m nearly there, having 9lb to go to target.

With all that has happened, I'm pleased to say that after my continued treatment with the osteopath (work have paid for a further 10 sessions) and my weight loss, I'm returning to my former self. My personality has changed, I'm a little quieter (which isn't a bad thing!), my physical and mental health have improved drastically; I see the person I remember from my younger self, bright and vibrant. When I look at my recent photo now I can see how far I have truly come and I feel very blessed.