Identify your personal style & dress for your body shape

“I have lots of clothes, but I don’t have anything to wear!” This is one of the most common frustrations I hear – and I remember how that felt. Now, imagine looking in your wardrobe and having lots of clothes to wear. With my Style Consultation, you’ll discover your own style and learn the techniques to do just this.

When you are just like everyone else, you’ve nothing to add but your conformity.

- Dr Wayne W Dyer

Why have a Style Consultation?

When you open your wardrobe doors your clothes should inspire you, excite you and express who you are. I used to think that fashion was fluffy, (after all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?), but think back to occasions when you felt really confident, and good about yourself; I bet your wardrobe reflected that. We live in a Darwinian world, everything changes, perhaps your clothes just need to catch up – and that’s what we’ll do in a Style Consultation; ensure your clothes match where you want to be and make you feel fantastic.

How it works

During our pre-consultation session, you will be asked to bring a selection of your clothes and accessories. This means we can start the session by understanding what clothing choices you currently make and why they may or may not flatter your appearance and physicality.

You will learn which clothes suit your body shape and which fabrics, patterns and accessories flatter your form. By exploring your personality and ambitions, we will identify your style profile which holds answers to your current clothing purchases and future choices.

What are the results?

At the end of this session you will have the confidence to dress your body shape according to your personality and lifestyle – meaning no more shopping frustrations and wasting money on clothes you never wear, perfect!

Style Consultation

£ 225.00

This session takes 2 hours

  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Live & dress authentically
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What's included?

1. Understanding your clothing choices
Identifying what you have that suits you and why certain styles and shapes aren’t working for you.

2. Style profile
Together, we’ll discover your style story and discuss the best cuts of fabric, textures and patterns for your body shape, plus how to put outfits together.

3. Makeup Lesson
A makeup lesson completes the process – for that final boost of confidence.

Handouts are included.

Suzanne’s style journey

“This has had a massive impact on me as I feel lighter, joyful and have much more time and energy. I have also saved money as I don’t waste time on impulse buys. I would definitely recommend this for every woman, especially one like myself who is very busy, over 50 and has maybe lost their way a little.”


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Are you ready?

If you’ve decided that a one-to-one Style Consultation is for you then you can book your Style Consultation now. If you’re not sure which service you require, just give me a call for an informal chat and we’ll work it out together.

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