Clothes make the man!

Do you want to influence, inspire or lead people? Tie or no tie? Are black shoes with navy socks acceptable? What does a red tie and white shirt combination portray that a blue tie and white shirt doesn't? It can be confusing in the ever-changing world of business to dress professionally, authentically and be in rapport with your potential clients.

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

- Warren Buffett

Why have a Men’s Full Image Consultation?

Whatever your circumstance, your clothes make a statement about who you are and what you think about yourself. You and your team of people represent your company, and we all know the importance of making the right first impression.

Exploring how to dress authentically means you are not acting in any other way than that which is true to you. Doing so conveys an innate confidence that makes it easier to gain rapport with others. Let’s face it, confidence is about being comfortable in your own skin. Business negotiations are about building relationships, after all, people do business with people they like and trust.

How it works

A full image consultation will help you choose clothes to inspire you and dress confidently in business or a social situation. You’ll understand the effects of colour and style and how they work with your body shape and build.

What are the results?

By the end of the session you will know what to wear to create a positive impact in business or a social situation. A digital wardrobe will be created for you as a reminder of clothing combinations. This will save you time and help you organise
your wardrobe.

A colour wallet, handouts and a personalised style report are included.

The programme lasts approximately 5 hours. If you prefer, it can be split across two sessions, with the consultation first and then a follow-up personal shopping session.

Men’s Image Consultation


This session takes 5 hours

  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Live & dress authentically
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What's included?

First, we build the foundation, we’ll uncover what’s really important to you, your
business and personal values, goals and life priorities. This segment helps us to
assess you and your aspirations.

1. Colour Consultation
During the colour session you will learn why certain shades complement your natural colouring helping you to select shirts, ties and suiting for optimal impact for business or in a social situation. You will also learn how to wear colour combinations that work for you and your lifestyle.

2. Style Consultation
We’ll figure out your style story and discuss the best cuts of fabric, textures, patterns and shape for your build.

3. Personal Grooming
Together, we’ll address how your hair, accessories and eyewear can positively affect your image.

4. Personal Shopping
Finally, we will put it altogether and experience a personal shopping trip where I will show you what to buy to create an inspiring and functional wardrobe.

I went to Jacqui purely out of curiosity...

“If there were simple things I was doing that were stopping me from looking my best then I wanted to know about them! I figured I wear clothes every day anyway (apparently, it’s the law) so I may as well wear the clothes and colours that suit me best. The recommendations from Jacqui make choosing what to wear each day quick and easy. Her advice has made buying new clothes simple too; if it’s not in one of my recommended colours I don’t even consider it.”

Kieran Igwe, Personal Trainer and Gym Owner

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Are you ready?

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