New season trends – will a wash and refresh suffice?

Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 19th Oct 2019

At the start of a new season, I take great delight in rifling through my drawers for last season’s folded treasures. What did I enjoy wearing the most? Did I ‘over wear’ it to the point of losing interest now? How do I feel about it this season? Have I changed? Has my style evolved? Will a wash and refresh suffice? Or is it time to let it go? How many layering T-shirts do I need? How many scarves do I really need? (I think I am officially a scarf addict). I use the same process at the start of a new season as I’ve shared with you in my 10 Step Seasonal Wardrobe Planner download.

For now, on the whole, I’m happy with what I am seeing – just a few additions are required.

I’m doing the two-thirds tunic with skinny jeans at the moment and really enjoying how that feels. I’ve introduced one blouse and one jacket with the new season trend ‘power sleeves’. Not because they are on trend, but because they align with ME. I like the uncertainty of the flamboyant cuff, the simple lines and the colour block.

And then, puff! I purchased a dress from Anthropologie – no colour blocking or simple lines to be seen!!!

And that’s what I love about clothes, we can choose what serves us depending on our mood. For me, being playful and relaxed in my clothes is not about conforming, they express how I feel. I can be flamboyant and colourful and I crave simplicity and stillness too. Experimenting with accessories also changes the mood of an outfit – from sexy to casual to formal.

Strawberry blond short hairstyle
Updated haircut

I’ve reviewed my hairstyle too and feel a shorter, messier style feels right for now.

With the onset of a new season, glossy mags, TV ads and social media are shouting at us with new trends, but this doesn’t mean you have to change all of your clothes. Why not mix things up a bit? Play with texture, downgrade last year’s pieces to daywear?

Consider how many combinations you could make with existing garments.

The gold T you see in the pictures on the left has a satin back and a linen front:

  • I’m wearing it back to front (satin side up) with the pinstripe trousers and jacket with bell sleeves – these work well together as they are all ‘fluid and smooth’ fabrics
  • Paired with jeans, the jacket still works
  • Switching it up, the linen front T creates a more dressed down and informal look
  • The flamboyant cuffs on the blouse work equally well with formal trousers or jeans.

So, I’m just wondering, how could you make more combinations with your clothes?

I’d love to hear. Drop me a line in the comment box below x

With love & gratitude,

Jacqui x

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