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Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 03rd Jun 2020

Meet Jane as we chat about her life-changing experience with clothes, style and her inner confidence.

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Meet Jane

Jane: I first met Jacqui in December 2012 when I was 30. I did a Google search for a colour and style coach and as soon as I came across Jacqui’s website, I knew she was ‘the one’. When I approached Jacqui, I was after a quick fix. I wanted to know what colours I should be wearing and that’s all I thought I needed. Once I arrived at Jacqui’s studio in Huddersfield with my suitcase of clothes, it quickly became apparent that I needed a style consultation too.

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Jacqui: I suggested to Jane that she might consider a style consultation because managing expectations is all about ensuring a client knows what she wants and how I can help her achieve that fully.

Jane: The initial thought of working with a style coach seemed extravagant and slightly materialistic. I wasn’t a celebrity, on TV or in a customer-facing role but I was looking for help because deep down I wanted to feel better about myself. Every time I walked into a shop, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. I had no idea what suited me in terms of colour or style.

Jacqui: I wish I had a penny for every time I heard that! Jane thought she was the only one who felt like that. Most of my clients have similar issues, feeling overwhelmed with so much choice, where to start?

Jane: Every time I looked in my wardrobe, the old Jane was staring back at me. I had nothing to wear that suited me or that I felt good in. I wasn’t a student anymore, or a dancer.

Jacqui: I remember a conversation we had during our first coaching session that seemed to be a lightbulb moment for Jane. We explored her previous role as a professional dancer on the “second row”. I challenged her belief about the status quo and what life might look like to her if she was on the front row, which is where she wanted to be, metaphorically speaking. She lit up, she realised no-one was holding her back other than her.

Jane: I was now a professional woman in my 30s working in an office job I didn’t love with black being my choice of colour.

Jacqui: I remember feeling just like this too, I’d look in my wardrobe each day feeling uninspired, seeing lots of black tailored clothing. I wanted to feel excited about wearing clothes but didn’t know how. What was really important about Jane’s mindset at that point was she felt stuck. She was evolving, feeling restless and innately knew she needed to make some key lifestyle changes. Her draw to black looked heavy on her energetically but the black matched her mood.

Jane: I felt lost and depressed. I didn’t know who I was anymore and it reflected in my choice of colour, clothes and make up. I didn’t realise the colours and patterns we choose to wear (or not) are a reflection of how we’re feeling.

Jacqui: Jane was feeling unfulfilled in her role in banking. It was a well-paid role – enough so to support her fiancé with a business start-up and to maintain an enviable lifestyle too. Many people strive for financial freedom and continue to seek more and more until they realise that the things they thought were important don’t tick all the boxes. It’s all about getting the balance right, working out what you want to be, do and have.

Jane: I expected the work I did with Jacqui to be an overnight fix, but I later learned that any true transformation takes time. I never expected my colour coach to become my life coach, but that’s how deep this work goes. It’s more than just knowing what colours and styles suit you. It’s a way of working out who you are now and who you want to be. I still wanted to dress in a sexy way and Jacqui helped me to make it classy and confident at the same time. She started me off on a ‘journey’ that continues today. It isn’t a case of finding yourself, it’s a way of releasing yourself, or releasing the best that’s within you.

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Jacqui: Jane invested in herself, a full image consultation, a personal shopping experience topped off with life coaching to help her identify what she wanted to be, do and have moving forward to feel fulfilled and more purposeful.

I’m sure you’ll agree, today Jane looks “confident, classy and sexy”. These words became her style mantra from our session together. Today she is a mum to Bodhi, a business owner and a blossoming author. Shame we don’t have any ‘before’ pictures to show you but Jane never liked having her picture taken (until now!)

Jane: Now I can walk into any shop and the bombardment of loud music and the amount of clothes doesn’t distract me. Neither does buying into what people think I should be wearing or how they think I should look.

Jacqui: This is a key focus of my work – to help women feel empowered, to care less about what others think and find clothes they will feel confident and joyful in. Without exception, when women feel more self-confident and happier this has a profound effect on their inner circle of family, friends and co-workers. They make the world a better place.

Jane: I confidently walk into shops now, armed with my colour chart and have clarity about my style. I know the right colours for me, ‘soft, warm and deep’ so these pieces jump out. The second part is checking if the item is my style. It’s a way of quickly narrowing down the choices. It makes being in the changing room a pleasant experience because when I go to try the clothes on, I instinctively now know if they are right for me by how I feel.

Can you see how her style mantra is now expressed in her choice of clothes – confident (colour helps play a part here), classy and sexy?

Jane: I now don’t waste money buying the wrong clothes and have them sit in my wardrobe gathering dust. I’m also not part of the fast fashion culture because the pieces in my wardrobe are good quality and timeless. What seems like an indulgent expense at the outset has become one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Jacqui: From one part of the coaching session, Jane learned that one of her core values was quality. That became evident in so many aspects of her life. It was essential to have this reflected in her choice of clothes. Quality over quantity for Jane. I suggested to her before she looked in the mirror to seek a visual validation when trying things on that she did an inner check first to ensure the clothes felt good quality.

And that’s not all, she didn’t just change her wardrobe, she changed her life …

Jane: After experiencing the benefit of having a coach myself, I decided to retrain and I qualified as a life coach in 2015. I’m currently on maternity leave writing my first book, helping others to release their highest self without the same distractions, delays and deliberations which held me back for much longer than necessary.

Ever heard the saying ‘We teach what we need to learn the most?” …

Jane: I’m eternally grateful for meeting Jacqui, she set me off on a journey where I began to release the best that’s within me. It’s now my mission to help others in the same way. Now I’m a mum, I’m going to use every tool Jacqui taught me to remain confident, sexy and classy, even when I’m on the school run. 😉

And thank you Jane for sharing your story and your commitment to make key changes in order to live a life you love. Can’t wait to read your book!

Connect with Jane on Instagram: iamlaurajane

With much love and gratitude,

Jacqui x

P.S. If you would like to begin your style journey have a look at my services or get in touch for a chat.

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