Cushions, throws and comfy clothes

Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 03rd Jun 2020

Mmmmm, this is part of what sums up autumn for me. Cosy toes in woolly socks, log fires, candles lit – I’m all in. It’s about nurturing isn’t it. I don’t really watch TV that much so when I do it’s either a movie that’s uplifting or thought-provoking or one of those gripping short dramas we look forward to early in the season. So even though I mostly stick to my evening yoga classes, when I get home, I’m really home.

What I mean by that is because the nights are getting darker earlier I tend to want to settle down earlier. There doesn’t seem to be as many of the fam and their friends coming and going through the kitchen door. It’s not just me is it? Do you do less on an evening now?  Animals hibernate and when I think about it, that would suit me just fine, creating a warm space, filled with all the food I need for winter, a huge sleep and emerging well-rested and vibrant ready for spring!

So with the change of seasons our homes become, for most of us, our main hub of connection once again. When my youngest son Bradley came home from Australia for a few weeks in the summer, being the highly kinesthetic soul he is, he shared how much he’d missed what home means to him. The squashy sofa amass with cushions and throws, canine cuddles, his big old bed, being able to ‘sleep through’ – no roomies that snore, his comfy clothes.

For those of you who know the Cooper clan, yes this is Louie and not Brad, but Brad’s popped back to Oz and Louie was perfectly placed so I got camera happy x

And candlelit baths are so much more appealing when it’s dark and cold outside followed by snuggling into my oversized fluffy dressing gown … perfect.

What does nurturing conjure up for you? 

A cuddle, a massage, a glass of wine, chocolate, yoga, meditation, a great playlist, going for a walk, an inspiring read, perhaps even a spending spree – I do them all. Our clothes nurture us too.

I was delivering a session recently at a networking event and when part of the session focussed on an item of clothing that each delegate loves (a bit like show and tell at school) it was blatantly obvious (to me) how this particular snood nurtured a delegate in so many ways. She snuggled into it, found joy in the many ways she could wear it, adored the pattern and print. Her face lit up when she talked about it. When I said to her “it sounds like it nurtures you” it was like a light bulb had been switched on. When I suggested to her that perhaps at this moment in time her clothes needed to nurture her it resonated at a deep level.

So, if I was helping this client to bring in some nurturing clothes I’d be looking at earthy tones, textured fabrications, checked patterns, nappy textures, anything that she would feel hugged in.

Nurturing clothes

Here are a few pieces I saw in House of Fraser today and some from my Cabi collection ( that I’d recommend she might start with. With a petite frame, dark eyes, a warm skin tone and medium warm dark hair all these items would work well on her. There are lots of pieces to mix and match, which for me makes combinations endless.

Like them? If you want to try on any of the Cabi collection (and perhaps create your own nurturing outfit) you can join me for one of my free style shows, have a look at my events page for more info.

Take a moment to have a think about which clothes nurture you? Is it the colour, the fabrication, the design line, the texture or the print? Or none of the above? Perhaps this is all too airy-fairy for you. And that’s ok, I’ve created my own methodology, traditional styling techniques work for some not others.

Woman wearing blue eyemask

We are all unique and for me as a creative soul I have to find unique ways of working that align with who I am.

Working from the inside out

As a knowledge-seeker and yes, if I’m honest, a bit of a spirit junkie, I’m all for working from the inside out with a client. I’m about getting to the core of who you are. For some it’s the soul, the higher self, the hidden self, the what I could have been self, the ‘what if’ self, the potential self, the ‘what if I didn’t give a f..k’ self. The more questions I ask clients about who they think they are, who they really are and what’s stopping them from being truly who they are, it saddens me a little because many women still aren’t living on purpose through fear of what others might think.

I’m just wondering, if you could care less about what others think, how would you like to show up in the world?

I’m not suggesting for one minute you don’t care about people, the world needs more love and compassion, I’m just asking you to dig deep and be your authentic self, so you’ll feel good, do good and that will make the world a better place.

Love and gratitude

Jac x

P.S. If you would like to discover your authentic self and spend some quality time on ‘you’, then have a look at my upcoming Discovery Sessions – half day workshops that can truly change your future path and how you feel about yourself.

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