Client case study – How Fashion Feng Shui has improved my confidence

Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 03rd Jun 2020

As many of you will know, I recently became the North of England’s only accredited Fashion Feng Shui practitioner, after receiving my certification from the Association of Image Consultants International.

Today I wanted to share with you how Fashion Feng Shui has transformed the life of my lovely client, Sophia.

Sophia’s background

What was the challenge being faced or the reason for you coming to see me?

I had experienced a major life event that led to me needing to re-evaluate and re-orientate my life from a variety of perspectives. I needed to increase my confidence levels to enable me to look for a new job, and find a balance between my family life and responsibilities.”

What services did you book with me?

I booked a full-colour consultation and ongoing life coaching sessions. This also led to exploring the practices and techniques of Fashion Feng Shui.

What was your state of mind when you first came to me?

I was suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress. I knew of Jacqui through our children’s school, but was quite nervous as working with a life coach was a completely new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect!

How I helped Sophia

Was there a brief or idea from you as to how you wanted to look, feel and dress as a result of working with me? What was this?

This involved reflective thinking and was then followed by a series of action plans to establish what I needed to research, do and achieve at every stage of the process to achieve my goals (all done in bite-size, manageable pieces!)

How did I work with you to develop the solution and help you?

Our first meetings were to discuss lifestyle issues in terms of how my life was at present, and then we looked at how I wanted to move forward and live my life differently. This then led to a colour makeover and a styling for body shape session to help with confidence issues.

Later on in the process – and as I gained more self-confidence – we looked at the influences of Fashion Feng Shui dressing techniques and explored the notion of dressing for body, mind and spirit– dressing me as a whole person and not just my body shape.

Did the way I work / the outcome meet with your expectations?

Very much so – more so in fact!

Did any problems arise? How did I address these problems?

For me, it was a very smooth transitional process done at my own pace and is ongoing.

The Results and Benefits

What was the end result for you and what did I provide?

I have found a renewed self-confidence and a totally new image for myself that I love. This has helped me in securing a new job that I love, a new home and a totally new start in life!

How has this benefitted you?

I feel I am much more positive about everything, and this positivity seems to be attracting more positive things into my life. Rather than seeing problems as issues, I see them as challenges and look for solutions.

What have you put into practice since the time we spent together and what has been the most valuable outcome for you?

I now have a different approach to fulfilling ambitions for myself, by setting out my thoughts and aspirations and then working out practical ways of how to achieve them. I also make sure I plan and include some ‘fun’ activities in my life!

How have your consultations with me impacted on your life?

I now understand that am still evolving and growing into the new me. I am still learning that everything is very ‘do-able!’

How likely are you to recommend me to others ?


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