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Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 03rd Jun 2020

So I managed to make it to the beach despite not being able to see beyond a foot’s length in front of me due to my oversized hat. A wide-brimmed hat is a perfect accompaniment to my oversized sunnies, my oversized T and of course my flip-floppy things. Did I mention (in case you were wondering), yes, I did have swimwear underneath?

Wide-brimmed sun hat, beach
The big hat!

No real need for a brolly that day. And that’s my point, my accessories need to be either functional in some way for me or meaningful. It’s not about putting items together to make a statement, to get noticed or simply look appropriate for a social media pic.

This got me thinking about my other accessories and what’s the draw …

On my last trip to Spain, I bought a beautiful gold necklace and a matching over-sized ring that are actually the oval transparent seed pods from the annual plant honesty encased in enamel then dipped in 24k gold. I found these in a beautiful boutique in the old town of Mojacar. This is a unique range from a small company based in northern Spain. Bright, unique, interesting with elements of nature – this is what caught my attention with this jewellery range – and ultimately my Revolut card! What attracts you to your jewellery pieces?

When I started to mentally scan my rather large collection of other accessories I realised there was a common theme. Generally, I buy during my travels which means on the whole I have a collection of jewellery, handbags and footwear that I find a joy to wear, and often an interesting topic of conversation as I’m regularly complimented on my choice of ‘unusual’ pieces. I’ve even got a shopping trolley I bought in Spain, endearingly named ‘Madge’, who helps us go to the beach, sometimes the pool and even the supermarket!

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of my blogs, I am at my core a nature lover and constantly in awe of the intelligence and beauty of all things plant and flower based. But that passion and awareness have been a recent learning over the past two to three years. ME, wearing a pair of floaty trousers with a plant print all over them, who’d have thought???

White trousers, green plant print, green top
Ibiza gathered trousers (

When we take the time to think about what we really like and what inspires us we’ll often find a clue as to how we can bring more of that into our lifestyle or express it in our choice of clothes. As much as I love flowers, attaching a fabric flower to the brim of my hat would be a step too far (too ‘romantic’ for me in terms of traditional style profiling). The fact that the hat is made of straw is attraction enough, but see how the flower changes the style statement of the hat? For a little more structure and changing the energy of an outfit, I’ll switch to my Panama – handmade in Ecuador, bought in Costa Rica.

So what’s my view on accessories?

Again this is all down to style profiling – if you have a dominant ‘natural’ essence flip-floppy the thought of wearing my ‘Jackie O’ style sunnies will be overwhelming but perhaps a simple straw hat will be stylish enough.

As a mood dresser, my style can change daily – it’s as simple as that, somedays I’ll feel I want to express a more dramatic look whereas others it might be classic with a twist and so on and so on … the truth is, I like playing at dress up. I remember being told off by my mum when I was a little girl for changing my clothes during the day. She saw more ironing and tidying up whereas I just saw the fun in a dressing up box!

Although in the summer months I do express more of a natural essence the fabrication of cotton and linen lends itself to hotter months don’t you think?

Woman in panama hat, jeans, white top
Natural styles

Have you noticed a pattern in your clothing style yet?

There really are no rules unless you abide by them. How about breaking the mould and simply wearing what you love? It’s liberating, and if you would like some help and guidance exploring who the authentic you, consider investing in a Full Image Consultation.

Perhaps you’re thinking, Jacqui, are you on holiday again? Yes, it’s true. I do do it a lot. It’s part of the life plan you know, remember I’m a coach? It’s not all about lazing around at the beach (ok so perhaps a lot of it is) but you see that’s often where I get some of my best ideas because my mind is open. I’ll read inspiring books, listen to podcasts about thoughts from big brain world leaders in their field of expertise, watch Youtube on a given topic of interest and something along the line will spark some inspiration for a new something or other.

At the moment I’m making my own home cleaning products, inspired by nature (of course) using pure essential oils. Not only does my house smell amazing but I know the inhalation of essential oils is having a positive effect on my nervous system, as opposed to the toxic synthetic cleaners these days.

Ingredients for natural cleaning products
Making my own home cleaning products

And who knows what that might lead to next month – ha ha hah!

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