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Posted by Jacqui Cooper On 03rd Jun 2020

I used to love singing this song in assembly at school, who remembers it?

It’s nearly spring, a whole new season, and with that comes a plethora of new vibrant colourways.

Living coral (Pantone 16-1546) is The colour of the year.

You’ll start to see it everywhere, from fashion to homewares, the list is endless. The less sciencey bit is it’s the colour orange with a tint – orange with white added to lighten it up.

In the world of colour a keyword associated with orange is creativity so perhaps if you are wanting inspiration to be more creative in different aspects of your life then bring some of that specific colour into it.

Creativity isn’t all about producing a piece of artwork or making a garment for example, it could be a more creative way of thinking or how to creatively problem-solve. Orange is also associated with health, happiness, success, joy, fun, balance, freedom, expression and sexuality. Mmmm, top to toe orange it is then. Ha ha ha.

Not so? You don’t have to wear a colour to gain its benefits, it could simply be a pen, underwear, a lipstick or nail polish. Just having the colour around you has a positive impact.

Add a pop of colour to your day

A new purchase for me was this coral coatigan I picked up on a recent trip to the east coast with Mr C.

Coral coatigan, Jacqui Cooper

“STOP THE CAR” I shouted (in my head) as we passed a shop window where this beautiful garment adorned a mannequin. Obvs, I didn’t shout that out loud to Mr C., I played it cool, “mmmm just seen a lovely cardi in that shop I’ll pop in tomorrow when we have more time.”

I knew I had to have it and fortunately for me it fitted and pairs back to most things in my wardrobe! That’s the key isn’t it, developing the discipline to ask yourself how many items you already have in your wardrobe that the new item will go with.

Feels like one of those pieces I’ll wear and wear, just like this jacket, remember it?

This was my ‘go-to’ piece that is now downgraded to popping on in my study when I’m feeling a little chilly. It’s looking a little worn out these days but I just don’t want to part with it.

Key Seasonal Trends

The brights are back

It’s all about colour, beautiful hues. If you’re ready for a pop of colour you’ll love your spring wardrobe options this season.


Lovers of all things eclectic will relish in the Avant-garde trend this season, think creative, macramé, lace, unusual fabrics and patterns, outside of the box kind of dressing. Try a floaty dress over skinny jeans – it’s a great look.

Safari chic

Or perhaps a little safari chic, you’ll see lots of ‘oatmeal’ – a very versatile neutral.

Oatmeal jacket and top outfit

Or consider what you already have, and restyle it with a little dye, here’s what I got up to a couple of weeks ago!

Until next month my lovelies,

Wishing you all things bright and beautiful xxxx

Love & gratitude,

Jacqui x

P.S. If you would like to find out which colours and styles work for your authentic self, get in touch for a chat about how I can help.

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