Jacqui Cooper The Style Counsellor

Hello, I’m Jacqui Cooper, The Style Counsellor, and I’m passionate about helping people look and feel good by living and dressing authentically.

Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.

- Epictetus

Questioning what I really wanted from my life got me to where I am today

I believe that at some point in our lives we all question who we are, where we are and where we want to be. For most people, this is the point at which they get ‘stuck’. There is a disconnection between how they portray their image to the outside world and what they think about themselves. It’s what I call the image and identity disconnection. I know from personal experience because it happened to me.

I used to feel frumpy and dowdy in my clothes

Following the sale of a national company I ran with my husband in 2011, I too began the process of reinventing myself. I had a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t function for my new lifestyle. I felt frumpy and dowdy in my corporate, and mostly black, sartorial attire.

I decided to retrain, to do work that I love and make a difference. I embarked upon a journey that changed my career, my personal style and my life path. I discovered the power that living and dressing authentically had on my life.

My journey

I am now an award-winning image consultant, personal stylist and an accredited life coach. I am part of the training team for Colour Me Beautiful and am North England’s first licensed Fashion Feng Shui stylist – meaning I’m a skilled practitioner working with the mind, body and spirit.

I’m proud to be a member of the F​ederation of Image ​Professionals ​International (FIPI) and I’m also a volunteer for Leeds Cancer Trust and deliver workshops for patients on a regular basis.

Spreading the word

I enjoy sharing my story and style advice and I’m often asked to speak on national and local radio. I’ve featured in a number of newspaper and glossy magazines and I’ve written various articles – and this is where I was first given the title ’The Style Counsellor’. You can have a look at some of my media coverage on my press page.

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My work as a Style Counsellor helps people to reconnect with who they are at their core and to live and dress authentically - are you ready for reawakening?

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